1. Royal Blood - Little Monster (Live on Later Live with Jools Holland)

    Last year, it was Drenge. This year it’s definitely Royal Blood. Another two piece bringing back a little bit of faith and hope for new guitar based bands. Except Mike Kerr makes his bass sound like an overcharged Les Paul mixed with a rhino on cocaine. Don’t get me started on the drums. Surprised they’re opening the whole day, both days, during the Monkeys’ little residency at Finsbury Park next month. I’d have finished with them…

  2. The Black Keys - Turn Blue

    The Keys turn on the smooth for the title track of their incoming LP. Gone are the days of ‘10AM Automatic’ and ‘Your Touch’ where the drums banged and the fuzz pedals were playing on overload. Some fans could say that went before ‘Brothers’ was released but their original sound still trickled into some parts of ‘El Camino’. Will be interesting to see how they approach the new material at Glastonbury this summer, and of course, for ‘Turn Blue’ to drop just before that mighty festival…

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    Esquire UK May 2014

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  4. Alex Turner realises he’s the lead singer and ‘runs’ back to the mic [x]

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    As a new fan, I saw this question and felt I couldn’t answer properly unless I listened to the albums in full right after each other. So I thought I’d list things I liked, and before I knew it I had lost my mind.

    Through the power of deduction, and a lot of time on my hands in the past two days — I’m going to settle with Favourite Worst Nightmare, simplybecause I have the most fun listening to it.

    You just had to write ‘show your work’. I’m sorry.


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  6. iTunes Library Write Up

    How many songs: 4954

    Sort by song title: 
    First Song: A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

    Last Song: 10538 Overture - Electric Light Orchestra

    Sort by time:
    Shortest Song: Blank - John Mayer
    Longest Song: Your Fractured Life - Air Traffic

    Sort by artist:
    First Artist: Above the Law
    Last Artist: The XX

    Sort by album:
    First Album: Absolution - MUSE

    Last Album: 1999 - Joey Bada$$

    Top Three Most Played Songs: 

    • 'Gold on the Ceiling' - The Black Keys
    • 'Piledriver Waltz' - Alex Turner
    • 'Reckless Serenade' - Arctic Monkeys

    Death: Death - White Lies
    Total Life Forever - Foals
    Love: Acid Love - Sleepy Sun
    Hate: Between Love and Hate - The Strokes
    YouYou - TV on the Radio
    Sex: No Sex - Limp Bizkit

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    Vuelvo a subir las imágenes, ahora corregidas, por las prisas me había comido una ‘C’ en ARCTIC MONKEYS, lo peor que puede pasar.

    Arctic Monkeys - GTA IV Version - Suck it and See
    Arctic Monkeys - GTA V Version - AM (‘One for the Road’ Edition)


    Oe Ilustracion

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    I made a thing

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  9. This is the GIF I’ve been looking for…

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    Here are the ground rules:

    Best Film category features 10 nominations (a rounder number than 9, that’s for sure) and the rest feature 6 nominations to truly recognise talent and feature some actors/actresses that were unfairly snubbed by the Academy this time round. All awards are…